Ca' delle Rose

the Organic Rose Garden

Ca' delle Rose is a simple thing,
with modest content, magic and newly-born.
It’s a land of spontaneous flavour, immediate.
It’s the warm embrace of the fireplace.
It’s the endless vitality of the garden.
It’s courageous hope, rebirth, peace.
It’s the bond of a past love.

It’s the real sign, silently eloquent,
of that accomplishment which I’ve always believed in.
It’s me, with my thoughts and my expectations.
And wherever tomorrow brings me
it will be the expression I want to pass on to the future
according to that perfect invisible principle
ruling the life of the universe.


Ca' delle Rose is an organic garden which preserves life in a simple and accurate way.
The multilateral and almost perfect harmony
of the cycles inside an area are the established
characteristics of a natural ecosystem.

R. Steiner

Ca' delle Rose private garden is basically divided into two parts: at the very beginning you will walk through a rose pathway made of twenty-five arches covered with antique climbing roses and Ramblers leading to the orchard and the spontaneously grown rose garden changing in any season.

The garden hosts more than five hundred rose varieties that seem to join in an embrace one over the other and take different forms year by year . The flowering of each plant is shorter than hybrids’ - yet colours and fragrances let visitors feel wonder and grace, sympathy and sensibility and feel they’re experiencing a new world . The old roses join the espaliered fruit trees harmoniouslyand blend with the fragrances of aromatic and officinal herbs, with the corollas of digitalis and clematis, with the brightness of small antique violets. As long as long you walk through the rose garden you will find ornamental plants: Pelargoniums, aromatic and officinal Herbs, herbaceous perennials and fruit trees covered with long rose shrubs. By taking a further walk you get to the secret garden.

Roses grow peacefully like in old Benedictine cloisters where at the beginning of any new culture a rose plant used to watch over the health of other plants and where a reliable hawthorn used to catch any disease to let the most fragile plants grow.

Ca' delle Rose changes and evolves season after season as outcome of a patient and constant work. Autumn comes with its vermilion berries and late flowering. Still some days to go and the creepy winter will shroud everything in its fog. In winter plants are dormant, loose leaves and meanwhile regenerate. That is why joy and wonder are even greater when new leaves and new delicate buds grow in spring. In May their flowering is at their most beautiful. Here the land has developed an inward life that feels, tastes, swallows and feeds “and I find it again every time I dig in the soil and listen to the voice of roses. I plant, trim, water, fertilise, regenerate. I learn." Plants grow here in the respect for nature, moon phases, seasons and for all the insects and micro-organisms enabling the garden to thrive.

Incense and musk-scented leaves and colours of the fragrant wild rose petals, of Albas and Centifolias, of Hybridé remontant and Tea roses, of Bourbons and Gallicas, of Musks and Rugosas adorn this garden grown in semplicity. At Ca' delle Rose you feel the garden ... it’s a passage, a passion, to pass through is to remain.

Ca' delle Rose is the peaceful place where you can take your time, have a rest, read a book or meditate inself. It’s a place of enchantment and wonder where lying half dreaming.

Ca' delle Rose with its melodies, colours, fragrances and roses
await ladies and gentlemen are more than welcome

(booking is kindly required)