the Carnet of Ca' delle Rose

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Press Review

Opening Ca' delle Rose’s garden

12th May 2007

On Saturday 12th May Ca' delle Rose opened its garden. Visitors were able to admire an enchanting rose garden in all its flowering where beauty and harmony combined with nature and passion created a unique multitude of fragrances and colours that filled the atmosphere with wonder.

The roses and their most beautiful flowers and buds characterised this intense and moving afternoon. A modest but precious atmosphere made this event at Ca' delle Rose a magic and unique opportunity to learn more about roses and their intimate bond with Beauty and Femininity.

After being warmly welcomed by the maîtresse de maison, the guests learnt how the garden came to life, received a detailed garden map, the list of the roses here planted and available to all rose-lovers. Among fragrances and colours, espaliered climbing roses and fruit tree branches the guests were able to admire the drawings and the watercolours by Parisian illustrator Vincent Brunot and the photographs by the author of the book La Grazia Delle Rose to be published soon. The author also gave a wonderful introduction of her book. Later on Fossalta di Portogruaro’s Mayor Bruno Panegai underlined in his spontaneous speech how the presence of the rose on the territory dated back in times. He expressed the desire to bequeath and further develop this culture through the creation of an antique rose pathway leading from Villa Mocenigo to Borgo Antico di Gorgo and its fine church of S. Cristina. He also expressed his gratitude to Grazia Adamo Giovannetti for the contribution she took with her great knowledge about roses. The host thanked all the people for coming and told the story of her house, how her garden was brought into being and how deep the love was that bound this place to her family and to her book. Love, rose, woman poems were performed according to an invisible trilogy thus further filling this intense afternoon with emotions. With the last poem verses in mind the visitors were able to enjoy rose-tasting delicacies prepared by the maison. In the late golden-lit evening the garden spread its most delicate fragrances and wonderful shades. The harmony was a melody that rocked our souls. The grace of roses will welcome the visitors in the forthcoming spring season with fine and pleasant meetings.

Isabella Bembo

Ca' delle Rose, Borgo Antico di Gorgo - Fossalta di Portogruaro